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I’m such a dork for identifying the gear the characters wear and use in Yowamushi Pedal. A lot of the helmets shown are legit but I was only able to easily identify three right off the bat. Makishima wears Mavic Ergo or Mavic Plasma SLR, Onoda wears Catlike, Tadokoro wears Specialized Prevail…

Saving for later because Maki’s bike swag is a thing of beauty.


Is the Yowamushi pedal anime ending after this arc? I find it weird in some places it’s listed add having sound 30 episodes

The anime will run for 38 episodes in total (they’re only printing blu-rays up to that amount and it’s listed on various anime sites). After that, we can only hope for season 2.

Though honestly, since the Interhigh arc lasts till about volume 27 and right now the show’s only gotten up to volume 11, it might be a tight squeeze to finish this arc in only 10 episodes. 


I hereby dedicate this piece of fanart to Viria, cuz she brought me into Yowamushi Pedal.
And those dumbasses are so f** adorable, I can’t handle them > <”

This such an awesome anime. =w=”  Full of cute idiots that just grow on you.. and one character I can only describe as.. “gross”.. but strangely I can’t stop laughing when he appears.. :’D

(.. also my heart stopped for a moment when they said Makishima’s name..  .. psycho-pass has left a scar in me.. ._. )

Hope you like!

N over.  *runs-no-cycles-away*






missed calls


my mind is like ‘qurl draw some cute manamido’ but my hands are like oops


Manami x Toudou duet download: (X)


Toudou’s character song download: (X)